Company Registration Prices

JurisdictionFormation TimescaleCompany formation fee or price for readymade company[1]Annual feesFiling of the required company documents, financial accounts, audit (if applicable)Nominee director / shareholder / partner services (annual fee)
Offshore jurisdictions

2–3 weeks665€ or 850€ with apostille900€Location where financial company documents are stored must be declared.400€/250€

Marshall Islands
1–2 weeks865€ or 1040€ with apostille800€Not required400€/250€

3–4 weeks950€ with apostille950€Location where financial company documents are stored must be declared.400€/250€

2–3 weeks1350€3 (with apostille)950€Location where financial company documents are stored must be declared.400€/300€

British Virgin Islands*
2–3 weeks1750€ (with apostille)1250€Location where financial company documents are stored must be declared.400€/250€

3–4 weeks1350€ (with apostille)900€Not required400€/upon request

Saint Vincent & Grenadines
3–4 weeks1350€ (with apostille)950€Not required400€/250€

3–4 weeks1600€ (with apostille)750€Not required400€/250€

Cayman Islands
3–4 weeksUpon requestUpon requestRequiredUpon request

England, LTD2*
2–3 weeks1200€ (with apostille)700€Required400€/250€

England, LTD2
3–4 weeks1250€ (with apostille)700€Required500€/400€ Partners

Scotland, LP*
2–3 weeks825€ or 1000€ with apostille700€Not required500€/400€ Partners

3–4 weeks2070€ (with apostille)1070€Required400€/250€

2–3 weeksUpon requestUpon requestRequiredUpon request

2–3 weeks3400€4 (with apostille)1150€Required550€/330€ (residents)

3–4 weeks950€900€RequiredUpon request

Ireland LP
3–4 weeks1,015€750€Is not required if the partners are physical persons.500€/400€ Partners

Isle of Man
3–4 weeksUpon requestUpon requestRequiredUpon request

1–2 weeks1,200€450€Required. Financial accounts need to be prepared and paid for separately. 500€ minimum.Upon request

3–4 weeksUpon requestUpon requestRequiredUpon request

3–4 weeksUpon requestUpon requestRequiredUpon request

3–4 weeksUpon requestUpon requestRequiredUpon request

3–4 weeksUpon requestUpon requestRequiredUpon request
Northern America

Delaware, USA – Corporation
3–4 weeks910€530€Required400€/250€

Delaware, USA – LLC
3–4 weeks965€645€Not required400€/250€

3–4 weeks1,200€700€RequiredUpon request

United Arab Emirates — RAK
3–4 weeks3,500€2,700€Not requiredUpon request

United Arab Emirates — Ajman
3–4 weeks3,000€2,500€Not requiredUpon request

Hong Kong
3–4 weeks2,600€1,600€Required400€/250€ (non-residents)

3–4 weeks4,650€3,250€RequiredLocal director is included in the registration and annual maintenance price.

* Readymade companies are available.
1 The price includes, if applicable, annual fee for providing registered address (office) and agents (secretary) services, government levy, etc.
2 Shareholder and director information in the jurisdiction is public.
3 Minimum number of physical/nominee directors is 3. The price does not include them.
4 Annual government levy and tax number are included.
The prices imply standard set of services when forming a company in each individual jurisdiction.

Fees for additional company documents and accompanying services

Nominee director servicesFrom 400€
Nominee shareholder servicesFrom 250€
Signing of documents by nominee director (per document)From 40€
Registration of ownership for company sharesPer request
Certificate of Good StandingFrom 200€
Certificate of IncumbencyFrom 150€
Tax Exemption Certificate, Tax Residence CertificatePer request
General power of attorney, apostilledFrom 285€
ApostilleFrom 185€
Preparation of additional standard set of company documents, apostilledPer request
Virtual officePer request
Postal addressPer request

Opening of personal and corporate bank accounts

CountryHow long will it takePrice
Cyprus3-4 weeksFrom €700
Latvia3-4 weeksFrom €700
Saint Vincent3-4 weeksPer request
USA3-4 weeksFrom €1200

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Company Express Group retains the right to change prices without prior notice.