Irish Limited partnership – the tax planning opportunities are in your favour

Irish limited partnership is a convenient and effective business tool. Its popularity has only increased in the past few years.

The advantages of registering a limited partnership in Ireland:

  • No residency requirement for partners
  • Corporate entities can act as partners
  • Minimal contribution by each partner can be as low as 1 euro
  • No requirement for the contributions to be paid up
  • Partnership does not pay corporate tax in Ireland if its partners are not Irish residents and the partnership’s activity is outside of the jurisdiction

Fees for registering limited partnership in Ireland

Registration of a Partnership

Registered office



Apostilled set of Partnership documents

Nominee general partner

Nominee limited partner

POA, apostilled

Courier for POA







What documents will you receive upon registering limited partnership in Ireland?

  • Copies of the formation paperwork
  • Certificate upon Registration
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Participation certificates

In case nominee services will be used:

  • Apostilled Power of Attorney
  • Trust deed
  • Interest ownership certificates.

What do you need in order to incorporate?

Give us a call, or drop us an email and we would be glad to elaborate all the requirements for you.

Irish limited partnership taxation and financial account requirement

A limited partnerhip in Ireland does not pay any corporate tax in Ireland on the condition that the trading activities are not undertaken in the legal territory of Republic of Ireland.

There is no requirement for a Limited Partnership with no corporate partners to submit annual accounts or a tax return.

Additional information

Irish Limited partnerships can be quite used as a versatile tool for investors or those undertaking inheritance planning. Usually, interests of investors or overseers of family matters are handled by a corporate entity – general partner. Beneficiaries will act as limited partners, meaning they will have interest in the partnership, but without no rights to make management decisions.

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