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Company Express is able to provide various corporate services, including the provision of directors and officers, registered office and agency facilities and accounting services for all types of holding offshore companies.

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Operating through offshore companies advantages are very clear: there are lower government fees, increased confidentiality, greater flexibility, less bureaucracy and prohibitions.

Many company administrators in offshore jurisdictions major in providing corporate services such as company secretary and administration and due to economies of scale and automated systems are able to provide these services at a very reasonable fee. An experienced offshore limited company administrator like Company Express is able to provide a range of services including a virtual office, accounting, professional directors, secretarial services and more at a fraction of the cost of setting up a separate office and hiring parties fulfil these roles separately.

We register offshore companies in the following jurisdictions: Panama, Belize, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Nevis, Hong Kong, Seychelles, The Isle of Man. Taking into account the client’s business scheme, we will select the most suitable jurisdiction. We also provide offshore limited company annual renewal of registration and legal support services.

By default, all projects have free support for bugs and critical issues from development to deployment and beyond. Service level agreements, support and maintenance contracts can be provided.

We provide a wide range of services including, among others:

  • Assisting our clients to help them decide the most suitable country of registration for their particular purposes;
  • Offshore limited company formation and preparation of corporate documents;
  • Arranging for domiciliary and registered office facilities in the country of incorporation, the services of a Registered Agent if required by local law, as well as secretarial services, telephone answering, mail forwarding and other services;
  • Arranging for nominee directors and shareholders services;
  • Administrative and documentation services including arranging for the notarization and legislation of offshore company documentation, invoicing, auditing, opening of corporate and private accounts, etc.;
  • Assistance in opening accounts with well-known and reputable financial institutions;
  • Book-keeping and accounting services.

Along with these services the customer can choose denominations of service which provided for a yearly fee (it doesn’t makes sense in English):

  • Nominee Director;
  • Nominee Shareholder;
  • Company Secretary;
  • Certificate of Good Standing;
  • Annual accounts.

Upon request, we also provide additional services:

  • Company certificate of good standing;
  • Annual report;
  • Mail forwarding;
  • Notary and apostille;
  • Seal;
  • Courier services;
  • Third-party company search;
  • Virtual Office;
  • Document scanning and copying.

The listed services are provided under the following conditions:

1) Client undertakes not to use offshore limited company in breach of regional and international law.

2) The customer is the sole party responsible for the authenticity of submitted documents and their legality.

Now, when the world becomes more interconnected, there is no better time to take advantage of Banking Offshore, Offshore Incorporation & Offshore Company Formation.

Contact Us to become a client and incorporate offshore company today! Company Express always offers services of highest quality. Your business is important to us and we guarantee professional facilities.

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