Privacy policy and use of Company Express websites.
Last updated on 2010-11-04


Company Express pays special attention to preserving its clients confidentiality offline as well as online. The privacy policy and terms of use described here cover Company Express websites and their language versions:,,,

Your Personal Information and Our Websites

Sometimes we can offer you to participate in our online surveys. You are free to refuse them. Any information we collect during filing of online survey, such as your name and contact details will be used inside the company for research purposes and will not be forwarded to any third party.

Personal data we collect during registration process on Company Express websites (subscribing to our newsletter or gaining access to additional website functionality) will be kept inside the company and won’t be transferred to any third party.

For purposes of adding additional functionality to Company Express websites or collecting site usage statistics, our servers might store cookies on your computer. We want to assure you, that cookies stored on your computer are only for the purposes mentioned above. They won’t collect personally identifiable information.

The user might choose to block cookies. User will still have access to our website.

Also for marketing purposes we might use third party web statistics services. While using them we might collect some website usage information, such as user IP address, his country, internet provider, operating system, etc. However the collected data won’t identify the user. All of the Company Express collected data will be kept inside the company, used for marketing purposes or improving user experience. The information we collect won’t be passed on to third parties.

Change of Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy will always contain a date of last revision.

The Content of Our Websites

Company Express makes substantial effort to ensure that information presented on its websites is accurate and up to date. Nevertheless, company doesn’t accept any liability for the losses or damages that may occur from its use. We strongly recommend seeking professional advice before making any major business or personal finance decisions.

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