Offshore Company Formation

Company Express provides cost-effective incorporation services in all main jurisdictions suitable for establishing tax efficient structures. Specialists at Company Express will help you make the proper choice as to where to set up your company. Usually when choosing the place of registration clients should take into account the following factors:

  • Company  formation   procedure   under current corporate law;
  • Applicable taxation;
  • The amount and terms of annual fees (e.g. license fee and annual domiciliary fee);
  • Requirements to file audited accounts orannual return;
  • The assurance of confidentiality for owners and directors of the company;
  • Appropriate geographical location,

A company can be incorporated under a name previously approved by the Registry. If the company name contains sensitive words that require a license or special permission, Company Express specialists will help you to prepare the relevant application.

We always keep a stock of ready-made (off-the- shelf) companies immediately available for our clients. Ready-made companies are useful in cases where the name of the company is not of particular importance.

For most jurisdictions standard Memorandum & Articles of Association are used under which the company has the right to conduct any legal activity in line with current legislation. Our specialists are able to meet the requirements of any client with regard to the type of activity engaged in by the company, and to prepare the appropriate Memorandum & Articles of Association.

The choice of a politically and financially stable country can reduce the risks that individuals and corporations may run in their own country of residence. However, tax benefits usually depend on legislation in the beneficial owner’s country of residence and on requirements in the country where the company conducts its business; therefore we highly recommend that clients consult with their lawyer and accountant when setting up offshore schemes.

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