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You can speed up the company formation paperwork process by submitting a preliminary order. This order contains all the client’s requirements in terms of the company formation, as well as the necessary legal information on its beneficiaries, shareholders and directors.

If you choose a ready-made company with an off-the-shelf existing name, your order can and will be processed extremely quickly.

If you want to choose your own company name, we will need to check with the registered agent to make sure that you can use this name. After an initial telephone call when we can set out and gather the information we need, all the necessary documents will be prepared ready for signing and you can come into our office should you choose, to complete the process. We will then fulfil your order as soon as possible. Please download and fill out the form below in English and return it to us. Please remember to use all BLOCK CAPITALS.

Download application form APPLICATION FORM (155.67 KB)

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