New effective tax planning vehicle in Delaware jurisdiction

Delaware jurisdiction offers effective tax and ownership planning structure. This has been true for a very long time. However, due to certain aspects of Delaware corporate vehicles, they were overwhelmingly used by US residents. Attractive pricing for companies in Delaware did not alter the situation significantly.

Up till now.

Company Express offers new way of working with companies registered in Delaware.

By meeting certain requirements your company can:

  • Be tax free in Delaware
  • Be free from financial account requirement in Delaware jurisdiction
  • Open corporate bank account in one of the US banks

Not to mention the usual advantages of forming an entity in Delaware:

  • Asset protection
  • Simple setup

Meet us for a thorough consultation regarding Delaware jurisdictions and its tax planning possibilities. Also, we are not limited to Delaware jurisdiction. We can form Arkansas, Nevada companies as well as companies in other USA states.

Over 20 years Company Express provides legal company formation for better tax planning. We help our clients use offshore company business advantages to optimise their tax planning legally and to the highest professional standards.

With office in 5 countries Company Express is ready to help with your problems. Meet us for an obligation free consultation regarding your particular needs.

Company Express strongly recommends seeking professional advice before making any major business or personal finance decisions.

22ce*comNew effective tax planning vehicle in Delaware jurisdiction