Economic citizenship and residency by investment

cyprus-flagPermanent Residency in Cyprus Opportunity to become an EU citizen
No obligation to stay in Cyprus or become tax resident
Possibility to enjoy advantages of the local system by becoming a tax resident

Malta FlagMalta Citizenship No visa requirement for more than 167 countries
No residency requirement

desktop-wallpaper-uae-flag-the-united-arab-emiratesUAE Residence Permit The UAE imposes no taxes on tax residents and businesses
No obligation to permanently stay in the Emirates, nor conduct company business
Ability to buy real estate in Dubai and other cities, open bank accounts in reliable global banks

imagesEstonian Residence Permit Visa-free travel or residence in Europe
The holders of this type of Estonian residence permit are not required to reside in Estonia
Possibility of obtaining permanent residence and EU citizenship

Antigua and Barbuda FlagAntigua and Barbuda Citizenship No taxes on foreign income, wealth or estate
No visa requirement for travel into more than 136 countries, including Schengen area
High privacy standards during the process

close-up-waving-flag-of-greece-free-photoResidence Permit in Greece Travel or live visa-free in Europe
Opportunities for living and doing business in the EU
Possibility of receiving permanent residency and EU citizenship

Untitled-design-1Dominican Republic Citizenship Dominica does not impose any residency requirements or tax income, wealth and inheritance
Travel visa-free to 136 countries
Applicants are not required to go through any interview process

Grenada flagCitizenship of Grenada No visa requirement for more than 136 countries, including Schengen area
Possibility obtaining US and Canada long-stay visas
High privacy standards

3d render Saint Lucia Flag (Close-up)Saint Lucia Citizenship No residency requirements, and no taxes on private earnings, wealth, or inheritance
Travel visa-free to 121 countries
Citizens of Saint Lucia can easily receive a long term visa for the USA

Economic migration to the US (EB-5, E-2, L-1 visas) 3 economic migration programs from the US. A way to obtain citizenship.

Saint Kitts and Nevis flagCitizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis The oldest economic citizenship programme in the world
High privacy standards
No visa requirement for more than 139 countries

Vanuatu flagCitizenship of Vanuatu Opportunity to open bank accounts in world banks
No visa requirement for more than 113 countries, including Schengen area
High privacy standards

imagesThailand Residence Permit Right to stay in Thailand with no requirement to live there for a given period of time
Receive long-term residency for up to 20 years
Tax residence in lucrative system if the resident chooses to stay in Thailand for 180 days in a given year

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