TIEA: Switzerland and Isle of Man

2013 09 10 | Category: News

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On 28th August in London during a ceremony, the TIEA was signed by Switzerland’s Charge d’Affaires Frank Grutter and Eddie Teare, the Isle of Man’s Treasury Minister.

The deal marks another step in the Isle of Man’s ongoing government plans to expand its economic and taxation co-operation with other countries.

Minister Eddie Teare greeted signing of the agreement by stating that Isle of Man welcomes this event.

This is the 29th tax information exchange agreement to Isle of Man. Mr. Teare also added that this is also the island’s 39th agreement that meets the international standards set by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The agreement can be viewed on the international agreements page of the Isle of Man Treasury Income Tax Division’s website.

EditorTIEA: Switzerland and Isle of Man