Guernsey plans to have an aircraft registry

2011 10 26 | Category: News

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Guernsey jurisdiction is moving forward with plans of establishing an aircraft registry. At the moment one cannot register an aircraft in the jurisdiction. For some time there were ongoing talks to establish a united Channel Islands registry, but alas, the idea was not greeted with too much warmth among Guernsey politicians.

The plan concerning independent aircraft registry was perceived somewhat differently and on September the 30th the Island’s legislative assembly approved it. Although, on the down side, it will still be a sub-registry of the UK, and as such, would have to be approved in London. Nevertheless Guernsey government plans to collect around 18m pounds in revenues over first three years of active registry.

No doubt the Guernsey officials must feel somewhat inspired by the success of the registry in the other Crown Dependency – Isle of Man. Over there 400th aircraft was registered recently after four years and four months of operations.

Still the thought about joined registry between Jersey and Guernsey is also not abandoned. Guernsey official Marc Laine has said that both islands could benefit from this opportunity.


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EditorGuernsey plans to have an aircraft registry