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2016 01 05 | Category: News

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International Business Company known as “offshore company” is a corporation or a company which is registered in offshore financial centre. Companies have different reasons why company use offshore jurisdictions but the main reasons are tax minimization, confidentiality and protection. Most of the time corporations are searching for a safe place to optimize their taxes, protect assets and investments.

British Virgin Islands (BVI) are one of the spots in the map that could be called “tax heaven”. “Tax heaven” is a place where certain taxes are levied at a very low grade or does not include any taxes at all. If you’re interested in this kind of company establishment you have to choose the place where to start it, and, British Virgin Islands are one of the hot spots to do that. In order to use this kind of privilege you have to register your own bvi company and to do that you need to follow these steps:

1. Choose reliable company to work with

There are a lot of companies that can help you with their professional advices and you have to choose one of them to help you with company formations. In order to get professional advices related in creating new offshore company, you have to make yourself sure that company has great experience. In best scenario, company will provide other services such as accountancy and banking.

2. Fill the application form

You can easily speed up company formation paperwork by filling the BVI company registry form. Your preliminary order will inform company about your requirements. When application is filled, company will get all the necessary information and will understand your needs.

3. Meeting

When all of the information and all the necessary documents are prepared you will be asked to come to company’s office to sign all the documents and complete the BVI company registry process. Depending on the structure of the new company there might be some additional questions, which you will clarify on your meeting. There is a great opportunity to ask all of the questions you have.

When all of the details are clarified and confirmed you will have to wait until the company confirms all the information you submitted.

4. Timing

When information is submitted and the payment is made the company will incorporate with BVI Business Company, which normally takes from 3 to 6 business days. After your BVI company registry documents will be confirmed, you will receive the documents of your offshore company, which will be shipped to your address; it may take from one to five days, depending on destination.

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