UK incorporation

Why might you want to incorporate a UK company or LLP?

  • Many business owners need or want a company based in the UK to manage their trading activities there, to establish a business presence in the UK or as a base in Europe
  • The United Kingdom is one of the easiest and least expensive countries in the world in which to establish a limited company
  • UK companies have a strong reputation globally
  • European law allows UK companies to operate anywhere within the EEA without restriction, plus UK law places no trading restrictions so your UK company will be able to trade anywhere in the world.
  • UK law places no restriction on where the management of the company is based, or where directors or shareholders are resident. UK companies can be managed from anywhere in the world.
  • Many other countries have a much higher cost and take a lot longer to incorporate in. Plus they often require high levels of capital for a new company to be incorporated, but UK companies need only a minimum £1 paid up capital, and incorporation is complete within just a few hours.
  • A UK company can be established with its share capital in other currencies.
  • Company dividends are free of withholding tax

Why use Company Express?

You will find many companies offering UK Limited and LLP (Limited Liability Partnerships) and it can be confusing in terms of which to choose if you have little experience. It is tempting to just choose based on price, but you are unlikely to get a reputable, trustworthy, professional, licensed service from a company with a physical office based in London.

Our prices are very competitive and there are no hidden extras, but the real difference is in our professional credentials and our approach plus the advice and service we offer all our clients.  You can call us anytime and you are always welcome at our Regent Street office in London. The main reasons that new clients choose us in the first place and existing clients come back to us time and time again are:

  • We are fully licensed by HMRC, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, a department of the UK government responsible for taxes. As such we are trustworthy, professional, licensed and reliable.
  • In our many years of business operations we have accumulated extensive experience in forming and supporting UK companies for clients all over the world.
  • Our payment systems are secure so our clients can be confident that we are taking every care to protect their funds in transit.
  • We have a constantly updated list of ready-made companies. Choosing them instead of going through the process of incorporation from scratch can save time.
  • We assist our clients with opening bank accounts integrated with their company formation.
  • We offer accounting services for the UK companies we set up, so that when you incorporate you can leave the accounting matters to Company Express. Because we are licensed by HMRC you can be sure that your accounting matters will be professionally handled.
  • All of our company incorporation documents are apostilled if required. This means that a Notary’s signature and seal are certified by the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The Foreign & Commonwealth Office will then attach an apostille or a Legalisation Certificate to the document.
  • We also provide a full range of additional services to meet specific customers’ needs, including:
  • Assisting our clients to decide the most suitable country of registration for their particular purposes;
  • Preparation of corporate documents;
  • Arranging for domiciliary and registered office facilities in the country of incorporation, the services of a Registered Agent if required by local law as well as secretarial services, telephone answering, mail forwarding and other services;
  • Arranging for nominee directors and shareholders services;
  • Administrative and documentation services including arranging for the notarisation and legalisation of corporate documentation, invoicing, auditing, opening of corporate and private accounts, etc.
  • Assistance in opening accounts with well-known, reputable financial institutions;
  • Book-keeping and accounting services.

Contact us for an initial, no obligation, free consultation on the ways we can help you. Our London office staff speaks English, Russian and Lithuanian.

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