Citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis

The national program of economic citizenship started in 1984 and considered the oldest in the world.

The citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis is reliable, authoritative and prestigious.

The benefits of Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship

World income, as well as wealth and inheritance, are tax exempt in the jurisdiction of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Dual citizenship may be used as an integral part of tax planning and asset protection strategies.
The citizens of Saint Kitts and Navis have a privilege of visa-free entry to more than 151 countries including the continental Schengen States, UK and Ireland.

There have been good chances to obtain an E2 visa for the United States and a long stay visa for Canada.

Granting citizenship procedure is being done under strict confidentiality. Investors and his/her family members are absolutely free in their choice of domicile. No need for a personal visit to Saint Kitts until the verification process is over.

The whole process of granting citizenship takes about 3 months.

Investor family members: spouse, children under 30 years old, children dependent on parents regardless of age, parents of both spouses over 55 years old receive citizenship along with the main Applicant. Citizenship of the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis is inherited.

The framework for Saint Kitts and Nevis economic citizenship

Donation to the Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF) 
– Investor: 150,000 $
– Investor + spouse + 2 children: 195,000 $
– Additional dependents: 10,000 $ – for each additional dependent
– Investment in real estate in accordance with the government’s approved business plan
– Minimum investment: 200,000 $
– The required period of real estate ownership: 7 years
Legal services – 35,000 $

State Fees
– Investor: 35,000 $
– Spouse: 20,000 $
– Dependents: under 18 years of age – 10,000 $ each
– Aged 18–30 and parents 55+ – 10,000 $ each

Despite the greater initial costs, investing in real estate seems more advantageous than a simple non-refundable donation, as it forms:
– Real possessions
– Return on investment in the form of dividends and resale
– Living connection to the country

Eligibility criteria for applicants

  • It is assumed that the investor is not a sanction designated person and no constraints and prohibitive measures are applied to him/her including a travel ban to the USA, Canada, EU and UK.
  • The investor shall not have a criminal record, nor criminal proceedings shall not be opened against him/her.
  • The investor’s income sources must be explicable.
  • The business and personal reputation of the investor must be unchallenged.
  • Investor credit history must be favourable.
  • The general state of health is good.

Step sequence to get Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship

1. Establishment of a contract
Submission of the copies of passports for all family members. A free check is made within one working day. The contract can be concluded in the offices of our company or online. The client receives a verification report (an extract from the World-Check database of Thomson Reuters).
2. Document processing
Our specialists request and receive certificates of good conduct and fill out government-approved questionnaires. The client provides the originals of passports and other documents and signs the questionnaires. Translation, notarization and apostille are made. A package of documents is filed to Saint Kitts and Nevis State Citizenship Agency.
3. Application processing
The government agency reviews the application and carries out the necessary checks for 3 to 5 months. No visit to Saint Kitts is required. There may be a delay in reviewing up to 12 months and a request for additional documents.
After receiving an approving decision, the investor is to make the necessary payments within a month including fees.
4. Getting Saint Kitts and Nevis Passports
After payment is done, our legal department receives certificates of citizenship and passports. The client receives the specified documents in one of the offices or by mail, depending on the choice of delivery method.

The validity of the passport is 5 years. At 6 months before the passport expiry, a client must send an application for renewal.

Follow-up service

Services are being provided for:

  • obtaining a driver’s license (personal presence is required), utility bills payment, connecting a local phone number and receiving other documents.
  • replacement and restoration of passports in case of loss, inability to use and expiration. All services are made in the absence of the client.
  • company formation services and opening a local bank account (personal presence is required).

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