Companies in Romania in tax efficient schemes

Company Express offers Romania company registration and maintenance.

Advantages of Romania company registration

1. Romania joined the EU in 2007
2. Open economy attractive to foreign investors
3. Numerous tax incentives
4. Quick company formation procedure
5. No restrictions on residential status of company directors and shareholders
6. Corporate directors and shareholders permitted
7. Flat rate of personal income tax
8. No capital gains tax
9. Broad participation in international tax agreements

What documents will you receive upon company registration?

1. Registration Certificate
2. Director appointment resolution
3. Statutory documentation of the company
4. Tax Identification Number
5. Company Seal
The copies of the above are notary certified.

Taxation and statutory requirements at a glance

Corporate tax rate on world income is 16%.
Micro- and small-sized enterprises pay corporate tax at 3%.
VAT rate is 24%.
Health services, film distribution, entertainment, book publishing and book sales are taxed at a 9% VAT rate.
Banking services, credit institutions and educational services are VAT-free.
Flat 16% tax is imposed on personal worldwide income.
There is a 10% tax on dividends and royalties.

Accounting, audit and filing requirements

The balance sheet, cash flow and income statements have to be filed quarterly.
A simplified filing system exists.
Complete returns must be filed if:
• balance sheet total exceeds €3,650,000
• revenue is above €7,300,000
• company staff is above 50 in number

Bank accounts

Personal presence is required in order to open a bank account.
There are no restrictions on opening bank accounts anywhere in the world.

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