Flag of LatviaCorporate tax rate in Latvia is 15%

Company registration in Latvia offers an attractive tax regime and the opportunity to open a bank account.

Advantages of using Latvia as your jurisdiction of choice:

  • Share capital can be €1;
  • Corporate tax rate is 15%;
  • Dividends received by a Latvian company from foreign sources, and the dividends that are sent out of the country, are not taxed. An exception is made for countries in the state’s “black list”;
  • No residency requirement for shareholders and directors of a Latvian company;
  • No controlled foreign corporation rules;
  • Subscribers can be corporate persons;
  • Minimum number of directors is one;
  • Simplified procedure for obtaining VAT number and tax resident status;
  • Remote bank account opening is possible.

Price structure for company formation in Latvia

Company formation*
Necessary paperwork for company registration
Government fees & publication in the official gazette
Registered address
PRICEfrom €600from €1200
*Base price includes opening of a temporary bank account for capital

What documents will you receive upon company registration?

  1. Articles of Incorporation or Resolution regarding company formation in the case of a single subscriber;
  2. Articles of Association;
  3. Register of Members;
  4. Register of Enterprises Resolution about company registration;
  5. Corporate documents package, certified by the Register of Enterprises, must be paid for in addition.

What do you need to form a company in Latvia?

Give us a call, or drop us an email, and we will be glad to detail all the requirements for you.

Taxation and statutory requirements at a glance

Latvian companies have a corporate tax rate of 15% on worldwide income.

Annual accounts are due by the 30th April at the latest. Audit is required if two out of the following three conditions apply:

  1. Company’s turnover is equal to or greater than €600 000;
  2. Company’s net turnover equal to or greater than €800 000;
  3. The average number of employees at the company during the reporting year was over 50.

Additional information about Latvian companies

When forming a company in Latvia, payment of 50% of €2800 authorised share capital needs to be made. There is an option of forming a company with a share capital of €1, but in that case the following conditions apply:

  1. The company cannot have more than five subscribers;
  2. All shareholders are also members of the board;
  3. Subscribers can participate only in one company with a share capital of €1 at a time;
  4. A company with a share capital of €1 must reserve at least 25% of its profits annually.

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