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Company Express offers Guernsey incorporation services. Guernsey is a Crown dependency north of the coast of Normandy. It is a self-governing jurisdiction and not a part of the UK. The British Government has overall charge of the defence and most of foreign relations.

The advantages of Guernsey incorporation

  • Open, high growth economy
  • Solid labour market
  • Strong financial services sector includes banking, insurance, fund management and more
  • Fully operational local stock exchange
  • No currency control
  • Shareholder register is closed to general public
  • Nominee shareholders are permitted
  • Corporate shareholders are permitted
  • No requirement for residency status pertaining to company directors and shareholders

All business entities in Guernsey fall under two categories:

  • Resident
  • Non-resident (exempted)

The latter are the most convenient for international trade and investment activities.
Non-resident company will not be owned by residents of Guernsey. It cannot do business with residents of Guernsey, both corporate and individual.

What do you need for Guernsey incorporation?

Give us a call, or drop us an email, and we will be glad to detail all the requirements for you.

What documents will you receive upon incorporation?

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • The Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Minutes of the general meeting of shareholders
  • Directors and shareholders registries
  • Director’s consent letter
  • Share certificates
  • Tax liability letter

Corporate taxation

Companies are not taxed on foreign income. There is a requirement to inform the trade authorities about external business activity before March 31st.

Corporate income derived from the sources inside Guernsey is taxed at the 20% rate.

There will be an annual renewal fee.

Filing requirements

Annual return will be submitted and will contain the full information on shareholders and directors of the company and all changes in the management that occurred within the past year.

The annual report is to be filed in the State registry together with a filing fee.
There is a penalty for the late delivery of the annual report.

Bank accounts

The companies may open bank accounts worldwide.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested.
Please note that we will require personal information in order to complete registration.

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