To live and work in the US

The right to live and work in the US is obtainable through immigration programs aimed at investors. Investor’s close family members, including children younger than 21, can also be considered during the application process.

Although not every program offers the Green card, you can start from the less taxing one and further down the line obtain the permanent residence.

EB-5 program

This program offers an opportunity to obtain the Green Card through investments into regional centers or development of a personal business.

А) Green Card is valid for 2 years. You are then allowed to apply for the resident status and later – citizenship as well.
B) Guaranteed results when investing in regional projects.
C) Applicant’s proof that he or she has the necessary funds
D) Applicant’s family members can apply for the Green card.


• Minimum $500 000 investment
• Proof of the source of funds
• A business plan for creating no less than 10 jobs during 2,5 years

Е-2 program

E-2 is an immigration visa, which you can obtain through investment in the already existing small business company.

Е-2 program features

• The visa is valid for as long as the company remains active.
• The investment sum required is comparatively small, and it doesn’t have the requirement for creating jobs.
• The applicant’s family members can also participate in the program.
• An option to speed up the application process.

Е-2 program requirements

• A comparatively small sum of minimum investment – $200 000.
• Creating a new company or buying an existing one.

Program L-1

Visa for executive officers and managers.

L-1 program features

• Program L-1 gives an opportunity to live in the US for 7 years. Applicant’s family can live, work and study in the US as well.
• A small amount of investment
• An option to speed up the application process

L-1 program requirements

• Minimum 100 000 $ to create a company
• 3-4 jobs created in the year
• The company’s bank account must have a minimum balance of $50 000
The company can do business in and outside the US.

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