Flag of JerseyJersey: lucrative offshore off the coast of Normandy

Company Express offers Jersey incorporation services.

Jersey is the largest island in the Channel Islands, a British crown dependency located near the coast of Normandy.

Advantages of Jersey incorporation

  •  One of the leading offshore financial centres in the world
  • Political stability
  •  Open and fast-growing economy despite limited resources
  •  High employment
  •  Budget surplus and absence of external debt
  •  Extended financial sector infrastructure
  •  Operative local stock exchange
  •  Very strong financial sector, wealthy banks, trusts and foundations
  •  Full absence of currency control
  •  No public access to company shareholder register
  •  Nominal service is allowed
  •  Corporate shareholders are permitted
  •  No restrictions on residency of directors and shareholders

What documents will you receive upon company registration?

1. Certificate of Incorporation
2. Memorandum and Articles of Association
3. Minutes of the General Meeting of Founders
4. Appointment of First Directors
5. Consent Actions of Board of Directors
6. Registers of directors, shareholders and other officials
7. Share Certificate
8. Tax liability letter

Company Type
The most popular types of business are:
• Jersey International Business Companies (IBC)
• Jersey-resident companies

Taxation and statutory requirements at a glance

A Jersey IBC is deemed to be resident for tax purposes and has to pay corporate tax at a rate of 30%. The tax is radically reduced if:
• overall business activity is organised outside Jersey
• the company beneficiary is not a resident of Jersey
If business is being conducted outside Jersey, an IBC company pays tax at a floating rate of between 0.5% and 2% (and not less than £1200).
A Jersey IBC enjoys the benefits of double tax agreements. Jersey is a member of 15 DTAs.
Jersey-resident companies pay corporate tax at a rate of 20% on world income.

Accounting, audit and filing requirements

Accounting is obligatory. An annual report has to be filed.

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EditorJersey: lucrative offshore off the coast of Normandy