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Representing your business in Russia, the UK, Europe and the USA


We provide assistance and support for companies based in different regions interested in implementing their business projects in the UK (London), the USA (Florida), the Baltic countries (Vilnius) and Russia (Moscow).


For importers

Our experts will research the market and select counterparties among numerous suppliers and manufacturers of products.

Our company has a background in the following services:

  • Determination of conformity of products to the standards adopted in the UK, the European Union, the USA and Russia.
  • Tours on industry, territorial and special thematic exhibitions
  • Selection of data on product manufacturers.
  • Representative functions, negotiations, preparation for the signing of agreements and contracts.
  • Support of the Client’s view in matters of prices and terms, correspondence and telephone negotiations.
  • Monitoring compliance with the terms of delivery, complement and quality of goods and products,
  • Dealership issues

For exporters

We are ready to help export companies in the sale of their products and services in Europe, the USA and Russia. Our team of specialists works individually with each case. The profitability and efficiency of the Client’s operations are the main components of our job.

We offer our clients the following list of services:
Market analysis
Monitoring of active players and competition in general
Sales management
Building and managing distribution channels
Expertise and advice on all aspects of foreign economic activity
Certification, authorisation and assistance in obtaining licenses


Representation implies constantly maintained contacts with partners, conducting negotiations, ensuring participation in various events, protecting the interests of our Clients and assisting in the implementation of their aims.
Our representative services may include:

  • Representing Clients at meetings, conferences, exhibitions
  • Organizing of business visits and other events
  • Selection of products, materials, devices and suppliers
  • Procuring activity
  • Testing product properties
  • Promotion campaigns
  • Participation in exhibitions and conferences
  • Preparation of records

Financial audit in Europe

Long lasting relations with accountants and auditing firms allow us to offer our Clients the following services:

  • Accounting
  • Auditing and analysis
  • Asset management
  • Feasibility studies
  • Risk analysis
  • Business model development
  • Optimal taxation issues
  • Consulting and controlling

Arrangements to create and strengthen business relationships

Both internal corporate relations and external business relations need constant improvement. Participation in conferences, meetings, business sessions, presentations, other activities makes a substantial contribution to the achievement of its goals.

Our company may help to achieve these aims and offers the following services in the field of improving business relations:

  • Organization of business meetings, conferences, training sessions and presentations
  • Reception and accommodation of delegations
  • Organization of corporate and individual visits and travels
  • Ensuring participation in international congresses, congresses, conferences, exhibitions
  • Organization of participation in industry, territorial and thematic exhibitions
  • Preparation and provision of business negotiations and meetings

Business tours

Business tours contribute can help extend your professional network, bring in new contacts and allow you to gain the crucial local knowledge about the region, as well as the allowing you to participate in numerous events: forums, conferences, meetings, exhibitions.

Our company can arrange business tours for our Clients’ employees, arrange business seminars and award trips for them, taking care of the planning, provide initial visa support, reception, accommodation and cultural services for the participants. We also cooperate with PR agencies and the media to provide a favorable external background, if necessary.

We offer the following services:

  • Development and preparation of the tour program pursuant to the wishes of the Client
  • Assistance in visa support
  • Ensuring participation, registration, accreditation at all events of the tour program
  • Translation services
  • Organization of excursions and other cultural events
  • VIP service

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